Residential Water Saving Tips Perth

We often hear our customers complain about their water bills.

As we are out on both commercial and residential sites we find many issues with plumbing fittings and installation that can be addressed to remove leaks and other obvious issues.

There are many things that you can do to assist you to better manage your water consumption. Some of the best ideas are listed on the WA Water Corporation website but rather than head there we thought we would summarise the tips we can help you with below.

1. Make sure your home Is leak free

According to Water Corp each year the equivalent of around 700 million buckets of water is lost through residential leaks in Perth alone.

Leaks in your home can be tricky to identify, so if you're experiencing excess water use it's best to contact us so we can work out what the issue is and provide you with a solution.

2.Dual flush toilets save up to 80L of water per day

Toilets contribute to about 1/5 of indoor water use. Yes, seriously! We suggest you consider upgrading any single flush toilets to dual flush systems to save up huge volumes of water daily.

We can help you source the right toilet for your families needs.

Bonus tip: ensure you “train" the entire family (or office) to use the half flush once you have your Dual Flush System installed!

3. When building a new home or doing a renovation, be sure to look for waterwise features inside and out

Building Codes of Australia have set a benchmark for water efficiency requirements for all new homes. There are plenty of opportunities to exceed the minimum standards, both inside and outside the home, for long term efficient water use.

We would be happy to help you plan and source the right fixtures and fittings to create a living space that is water wise which leads to potential great savings.

If you’re in need of a Plumber of Gas Fitter we would be delighted to be of assistance.

Click the button below to access our Job Request form or give us a call onĀ 0447 434 887 if the matter is urgent and we’ll do what we can to find you a solution.

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